It Builds Character

Monday, October 09, 2006


Tonight I took the leaf out of our dining room table and put it into the storage room in our basement. When I went down there, I thought, "Hmmm...something smells funny." I checked the laundry room to see if that smelled too. Nope. Whatever.

I went on my way and cleaned up the house and got Lauren ready for bed. When Jason and Alex got home from Cub Scouts, Alex went down to his room to put his Cub Scout book away. When he came back up, he mentioned that it really stunk down there, and did he have to sleep down there tonight?

So Jason headed down there to investigate. We noticed that the smell got stronger once we entered Alex's room. We looked around but didn't see the cause of the funky odor. I asked if he had eaten anything in there, and he said he hadn't.

Then we remembered back to this summer when we found a mouse running around in his window well. I fished it out and the kids and I went to a park and released it. No big deal. It crossed our minds now that maybe another mouse didn't fare so well.

Alex got the flashlight and we looked around but we didn't find anything out there. Jason decided that the way to figure out if there was something out there or not was to open the window and see if the smell got stronger. He opened it up, and for some reason, I was elected to stick my nose up to the screen and take a whiff. Whoooooooeeeeee! Yep, something was dead. I shut off the bedroom light and flashed the light around the window well again, and there it was. A dead mouse all curled up in a dead leaf.

Alex will be sleeping in the extra bedroom until the mouse is removed and the stench goes away.