It Builds Character

Friday, August 18, 2006

New haircuts for everyone!

The kids were getting a little shaggy, so we headed out to Great Clips tonight. I planned to just have Alex and Catherine get trimmed, but Lauren begged to get hers cut too, so I gave in. She's almost 3 1/2, and she 's never really had a "real" haircut, just a little trim.

Here's Big Al. He has a habit of twisting his hair, so he doesn't like to get it cut. It makes it too hard to twist. I think he looks great, though.

Catherine decided that she wanted to go a little shorter than usual. I think it turned out great, and she looks adorable. She's getting so big!

Lauren's haircut is not quite as obvious as Alex and Catherine's. I had the lady take a couple of inches off, and she just kind of evened it out.

When we got home, they were all on a sugar high from the suckers they got at Great Clips, so they decided to pile on top of each other.

Please don't be jealous of our exciting Friday night. Your life can be this exciting too!

Thursday, August 10, 2006