It Builds Character

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just for you, SoozieQ!

For 4 days this past week, I was in Las Vegas for work. One evening after training was finished, a bunch of us were walking down The Strip, and I saw this and thought of SoozieQ.

I did not, however, venture in. I had just bought a bunch of (probably) inferior products at Bath & Body Works before my trip, and I didn't feel the need to spend more money. But I couldn't just walk past without snapping a picture and bowing down in respect. Actually, I've never been in one before at all, but Soozie speaks so highly of it, that it's got to be great! I think there's one at the Mall of America. I should check it out, no?

JP, I also thought of you in Vegas when I saw a Callaway Golf store. But I saw it on the trip to the hotel from the airport, and I didn't have my camera handy. Sorry.

Oh, Soozie, before I forget-- I did have a lemon drop martini while I was there. I didn't see your warning in Sharkey's comments until I got back. Too little too late, I guess.

Anyway, my friend and I went to a bar area of the Monte Carlo, where we were staying, and took a seat in front of a couple of video poker games. We sat and sat and sat, until finally I made eye contact with the one bartender, and just kept staring at him. There were only 3 or 4 others at the bar, so we weren't sure why we were being ignored. We didn't think we looked that bad! As it turns out, I think the guy was ignoring us because he didn't know how to make drinks. Yes, a bartender that ignores his customers because he doesn't know how to make drinks.

Our first clue was that he kept walking and walking around the bar, first looking for glasses. Then he made a few more laps, I think looking for a recipe to fall from the sky. Then he finally went over and asked another bartender some questions, came back, walked around some more, and then finally handed us the drinks. He apologized for the small glasses that he put them in, and then left us the little shaker thingy that he made the drinks in, so that we could help ourselves to the leftovers that wouldn't fit into our glasses.

Whoa, that was one strong drink! Tasty, but strong. I could feel it hit me before I even stood up to go.

Here's the view from my hotel room.

We had a great time while we were there, but man, was it good to come home! Four days away from my family was maybe a day too long. But look at what I saw when I looked out the patio door to our backyard. This is why I love Minnesota in the Fall.

Actually, this picture with my cheap-o camera doesn't even do it justice. It is so bright and beautiful, that I don't want the leaves to fall off! However, I have been through thirty-something winters, and I know that it's inevitable, and it's only a matter of time before the snow flies.

Sidenote: When I did a spell-check, I was prompted to replace "SoozieQ" with "cookies" and "Soozie" with "socio." Don't worry, Soozie. The cookies would have to be really good for them to replace you.